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Ok well i have a big problem saying matter what it is. Like someone could ask me for any amount of money and as long as it was reasonable i would give it to them. It is especially a problem saying no to guys. I dont know I think I do not wanna hurt their feelings or something but no matter how much of a jackass they are or how bad they treat me I still go for them. But it gets worse. These jackasses I seem to get stuck I cannot stay away from. Like I will get mad at them and than I will be at their house the next day. It is bad. I even had one of the guys I am talking about hit me and I still continued to run back to him. I dont know what to do about my problem saying no or with going back to the **** I meet
posted by Nichole (age 18) on 4/18/2008 @2:07:20 PM •
well, this sounds like it may be coming from a deeper issue, perhaps something that has affected you for a long time. maybe something in your childhood. if i were you i would do two things. a) talk to your parents/gaurdians/what have you or anyone who knows you well and has known you for a long time. talk to them about how you grew up and about your experiences and see if you can't figure out when and why this started. b) be more aware of your problem. wherever you are, whoever you are wit, remember that this is a problem for you, and try your best to say no when you really should. keep it in your mind at all times and watch yourself. observe how you act ad try to uncover why this happens. and fix it.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 4/19/2008
Ok soo i totally do the same thing about being way to nice to people. I'm telling you if you don't stop now it can get much worse. I dated a guy i couldnt say no to and he was a con-artist...1000 dollars later he took my money and went on a back-packing trip in Europe. I believe it is something we learn from growing up. to please everyone, to help everyone. I blame the parents... i know thats a cop out but really i think i would have liked it better to be taught to trust no one. It would make it a lot safer. So good luck and dont worry about making others happy... if they wanted to be happy they would make it that way. its not your job to help others out.
posted by Felicia (age 23) on 4/20/2008

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