relationship advice (post new situation)
so yeah i just started datin this guy im still in high school and hes in college and i went to his pro.the other day and i seen all kinds of stuff of his ex.
i dnt think he would ever cheat on me but she broke up with him bc he was too nice i guess and im worried he might not be over her even though it was 2 years ago?! and another thing is i dnt care about looks they mean nothin too me but see everyone tells me that i shouldnt date him bc i could get a cute guy.
but i rly rly like him... and i will admit that he has like no good looks goin for him but hes rly sweet and has a great personality and hes smart and he treats me rly good....
so i just dnt kno what to do or how to deal with it.........
posted by nicole (age 16) on 4/23/2008 @7:26:21 AM •
well, let me say first that i'm not sure a 16-year-old should be with a guy who's in college. its usually not good for the 16-year-old in question. and, if depending on how old he is, if you have sex, he can end up being a registered sex offender. for the rest of his life. just puttin that out there. but, if you are going to stay with him, the best thing i can say is talk to him, because communication is the best thing to keep a great relationship, and if looks dont matter then they dont matter. who cares?
posted by Joe (age 20) on 4/25/2008

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