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"liar! kiar! pants on fire!"
I have a bad situation at work that may seem a little pre-schoolish but is still very damaging to me. My supervisor at work has recently had a problem with me talking to a particular coleague at work, this is fine as its not unfounded i do talk to her much of the time since she comes to me for advise and the like.
The problem is that the way my manager figured she could fix the situation is to go to the manager (her mother, my friend) and tell her that my collegue had complained that i was sexually hurassing her, but when the manager confronted my colegue she had said that was ludicris and laughed about it.
So when our manager came to me to talk she was obviously confused her daughter (my supervisor) had clearly lied to her (its happened before) but my manager has done nothing to stop the B/S. Its really agrovating, what if someone had believed the lies? i could have been fired and if charges were filed i could have been deported never mind arrested. I guess i just dont know how to fix this my supervisor could end up destroying everyone but herself since her mother is the boss she is "Safe" its rediculous i love my job the people there are awsome and i really dont want to leaveplease help
posted by Phil (age 25) on 4/23/2008 @8:05:13 AM •
that's terrible! i had a very similar thing at my last job; the only difference is that the powers-that-be believed the lies. they weren't about something as sinister as harrassment, though...

my advice - if you want to keep your job - is just stay under the radar, and do your best to do everything your crazy supervisor tells you. don't stir up trouble, and don't tell anybody how crappy your supervisor is (i'm sure they already know). if she's got no problem with you, then she's got no reason to lie... which means you get to keep working.

it's very frustrating, and against every fiber in my being, but... you really just have to try to keep the peace, even though you're in the right.
posted by jon (age 32) on 4/23/2008

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