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I think I mite B Bi but Im not sure yet. how does sum1 no if theyr Bi or not? I like guys but also atracted to girls in a way. And my label in skool rite now is pretty much whore and it true.but mayb im a whore bcuz it could b a way of hiding. but im still scared of wat people will think, and i dont no any lesbians or Bi's at my skool tho. so its wierd in my town havin a Bi at my age. but still i have no way 2explore 2c if im Bi. PLZ HELP!!!
posted by ANONAMOS (age 13) on 4/23/2008 @3:06:40 PM •
okay, i don't want to know how at the age of 13 you have the reputation of a whore. if you're sexually active let me say that you SHOULD NOT BE. and i'm not a parent or anything i'm a young guy - i just think that if you are then that is WRONG. even if you aren't you shouldnt be behaving in a way that would make people think of you that way.

but ethics aside, if you like girls too, you like girls too. big deal. if people dont like it, tough. if it's okay with you, why does it matter what they think.

but please, if you are having sex, or even just making out with people: stop. you are 13. you are not mature enough for that.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 4/25/2008

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