relationship advice (post new situation)
dated this guy for 2 yrs on and off. Have been seperated for 6 months now. Since then I have started datinf someone new who I really like alot. Here comes my es boyfriend saying he is ready to commit and ready to do all the right things to make it work. I am really confused.
posted by Melissa (age 30) on 4/24/2008 @12:48:13 PM •
Wow. Haven't seen many real adults on this website. Well, if you will take the advice of someone 10 years younger than you, I would say that you've got to do some real serious thinking. Do you think your ex really IS ready? If he is, does that mean more to you than your new guy? What do you want most? what's the right thing to do? How will your choice affect all parties involved? You just have to take some time, consider every factor affecting your decision, and try to do the best thing. Try to do something you know you'll be glad you did.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 4/25/2008

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