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"Moving Out"
Has anyone out there lived with there older brother sister? I have lived with my older sister and her son for the last 5 years and it’s becoming to take a toll on me. My sister has lived on her own before so she had lot furniture and my parents had bought us some living room furniture. Since my sister has things from living on her own before she has a lot of stuff and boy is it everywhere not to mention her son’s toys!! The 3 of us live in a small 2 bedroom apartment….they share a room. Basically I live in my room because my nephew is always in the living room playing PS2 or watching TV so I can’t really chill there. In the kitchen lies more of my sister’s crap…I am lucky to have one row in our pantry to put my stuff, I row in the freezer and 2 rows in the fridge. Did I mention that I pay half the rent and half of the utilities? Oh yes….there is also armen….the stinky hairy cat who has not been fixed and likes to leave his stinky scent all over the house. You are probably wonder why is this person telling us her who life story?! And the reason is because I am FED up with living with the two of them….my sister is loud as can be,… she plays her music loud….. She burps all the time (loud). I cannot take it anymore I feel like since I pay half of everything that I should have more space and freedom!!! This didn’t bother me so much a few months ago and but since my sister got a new sentra she thinks she deserves to park it in the garage. I also have a new car, 2008 Escape, and have been parking my car in the garage forever since my sister had taken over everything else. You are probably asking yourself …why you don’t just leave. And the reason is because I do not know if my sister can afford living on her own. She really doesn’t like to work so she had gone through many jobs and I do not know if she can make it on her own.

I think it is time for me to spread my wings and move out….what do you think? Am I overreacting? Am I being self-fish? What would you do?
posted by jennifer (age 27) on 4/25/2008 @9:35:17 AM •
You are not overreacting. I live [under different circumstances] with my older brother. I'm moving out the day after tomorrow but I have always lived at home, and since he moved out, and got kicked out of his townhouse, and moved back in with us LIKE 4 YEARS AGO, i've been forced to share my room with him. and i hate it.

so i know how it can be he has plenty of problems. and i say, if you're sick of it, leave. its healthier for you. and if she's not taking working seriously, tell her she better damn well start. she has a child. she needs to get it together, and its not your job to help hold her up. get your own place. have more than one room and one row and so one. let her learn how to get serious and take care of herself.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 4/25/2008

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