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"should i tell him how i feel"
ok so i met is guy jb* me n hm went out for like two weeks bt i didnt reali no him so i us sed yea den he cheated n i dumpd his a** n den we startd tlkn n as i got to know him i started falling 4 him alot n it was different den wif da othr guys ive been wif. bt den mi frend at da time liked him n he kinda liked her and they were "bennifits" n now dey r done he dnt hav feelings for her like that n dey jus frends n he sed he wantd to get bak n hellla stil likes me like he thnks all mi lil thngs i do r cute n luvs hw i am n i feel da same way bt he a lil shy n idk shod i make a move or tel hm hw i feel or wt? help!
posted by bre on 4/25/2008 @8:33:48 PM •
i have the same prob idk what do either it is really hard so i know how you feel it sucks big time
posted by jessica (age 14) on 4/27/2008
i don't know... i don't think i'd wanna get burnt again. it feels really good when somebody thinks you're cute and stuff, but when they cheat get with your friends, it's not usually a good sign...
posted by jon on 4/28/2008

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