relationship advice (post new situation)
there is this guy named brandon i like and i think he likes me too. but every where i look there are signs saying he likes me and we should go out but i do not know what to do and i really really like him
posted by jesica (age 11) on 4/27/2008 @3:24:12 PM •
Okay, so the thing you have got to do, is do what you do best!! FLIRT!! He will show signs that he likes you. Not just cuz youre flirting, but for who you are! Dont be some1 ur not. Be yourself. He doesnt have to make the first move! You can! Just tell one of your friends to go talk to him in private. Have your friends ask him if he likes you. He probably wont admit to girls, so tell some of his trusty buddies. The ones that wont tell the world! They will get it out of him one way or another. Then, have a happy relationship together!!! ;) Oh, and dont worry i am a proffessional at this stuff. its happened to me. i know wat ur goin through!
posted by Mariah (age 15) on 6/14/2008

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