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"running away or not???"
heres the thing i jst got on probation for pretty much not lisinin 2 my mom, drinkin,sneakin out, playin hookie from skool, fites, n stuff. my mom called dss on me n she was hittin me she told them she couldnt handle my bhavor. n in 2 days iv broken my probation like 3 times n it got reported to my probation officer. so now they said foster care mite b an optionn. but theyll decide on june,2,08. so if i stay with my mom she'll hit me again eventually n i dont no wat foster cares like but herd nothin gud. so either way i screwd no 1 would adopt a gurl like me. if i run away id have a beter life on the streets i feel.
idk what 2do.
posted by mariah (age 14) on 4/30/2008 @1:46:01 PM •
well... here are some people's stories about running away:

i'm going to have to agree with them. running away isn't a good option. you don't even know what the foster thing is going to be like yet, and it could be really great. you never know.

and don't be thinking "no one would adopt a girl like me!" if somebody gives you a real chance, i'm sure you wouldn't let them down. there's nothing wrong with you, and it's awful that you have to be in this situation. but you can definitely make it through it... just don't run!
posted by jon on 5/1/2008
running away is not an option the way i look at at eventually the police or someone would find you. you would be completley without out a home and some one your age needs a safe place to call home. try to have a conversation with your mom and tell her that you want to try to work things out. if you actually want to have a good life and future youll follow your probation, and if you try to respect your mom and try to get along. it shows as progress to your probation officer. hitting kids as a way of controlling them is wrong but maybe have a sit down conversation with her now yelling and just set boundries and compermise. have faith in god and everything will work out, ask him what to do and youll get an answer soon enough
posted by sam on 5/7/2008

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