relationship advice (post new situation)
i've been suspicious of my husband and my sister having a sexual relationship for 3 years
i've seen that things that don't make sence
that isn't right and coencidently pointing to both of them. my husband says he wants a divorce because he's tired of arguing about everyday but everyday it seems something isn't i question him about it. im hurting inside because i don't know what to do
he's says everything has been my imagination
i just think that's funny what can you do to help me
posted by lindsay (age 27) on 4/30/2008 @4:21:27 PM •
thast very suspicious but i think you should talk to you sister adn husband seperatley, and then maybe together say that all the truth needs to come out. maybe if its not happening and your husband wants a divorce it could be for other reasons or mayeb because he is beign acussed of something that he is not doing, and that you dont trust him. find out the facts for sure, and then if you guys set things straight maybe everythign will workout in the long run
good luck
posted by sam on 5/7/2008
i have spoke to them and they say they haven't done anything and that i have no reason to think of it or question it. my sister had stole men from me in the past and nothing would stop her from stealing my husband. i have witnesses of people who came to me and asked questions about it and my doubts all turned to threats than a suspicion
posted by lindsay (age 27) on 6/4/2008

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