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"this guy i like"
okay. theres this guy. that ive liked for about 5 months before, we hooked up before and in the beginning it was all good. then i duno i guess for him it was a one time thing, and the thing is the guy is pretty hot so he gets alot of girls, so he dusnt really have "gfs" he just "has fun".. but i kno he respects me and thinks im diff.. but the thing is.. i want him! and i want him just for me, why do guys have to be such ****es!, but hes just the type who just dusnt want gfs, but how do i get him:(
posted by Nancy on 5/3/2008 @9:27:27 AM •
If that's what he wants right now... hes not going to change nancy =( Most of my buddies are that way and they go through girls faster than a roll of toilet paper. Me and my gf notice it and talk about it alot so thats why im replying to you about it. He won't change until he's ready to grow up and settle down! It took the perfect woman for me to do it! I met her and now I don't even look at other girls or consider being with one of them, even when they approach me at the bar or club! good luck nancy
posted by jason (age 24) on 5/6/2008

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