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"is my gf an alcoholic?"
My gf of 8 months now drinks approx. 5-6 nights out of the weeks. Approx. 4-7 drinks each night... I've noticed that she has problems sleeping when she has not had anything to drink that night. She also is on xanax and lexapro for anxiety, so she blames the sleeplessness on her anxiety, takes a Xanax, and can then sleep normally. She alwaysd wakes up for work and has no problems with alcohol interfering with the rest of her life, but it is getting annoying that she is ALWAYS drinking when I'm with her, and shortly thereafter she is sleeping. we are both 24 and she thinks its normal to drink alot at our age. I binge occasionally (1-2 times a month). Is this a problem I should address?? I've stated to her before that I think she drinks alot, and she gets really offended and accuses me of harping on her about her drinking, so i make an excuse and say that I don't like the drinking cause it makes her smoke lots of cigarettes (which it does, thats another issue). What can I do??! Am I paranoid should I just relax ? Is this a phase??? Thanks!
posted by Jason (age 24) on 5/6/2008 @1:11:21 AM •
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