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so my best friend has been in love with her ex for of 8 months . she tried to get over him but every time that she would go to move on he would come back in her life. shes on a path of self distruction, with drugs, alcohol, pills, and cutting. her ex is a santanist and only hinks of himself. she has changed so much over the years so went from total prep to like emo/vintage/scene. i hate labels but shes not evening acting like her self. i dont know what to do because every boyfriend she has had since then she has cheated on them with this guy. she is currently dating my boyfriends bestfriend. she has lied, and cheated on him with 2 different guys. prom is comming up and that is the only reason why she is staying with this guy. i hate to see her go on a self destruction but its not fair for her boyfriend. i am always there covering for her for anything and im sick of playing mom. she needs to tell him whats going on. but she even said she doesnt care about hi, all she cares about is herself and how to get back with her ex. she finally admitted that she was depressed but her ex talked her out of taking her meds, because since he is bi polor and hes not on meds he feels that she doesnt need them either any advice??
posted by sam (age 16) on 5/7/2008 @6:47:00 PM •
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