relationship advice (post new situation)
okay so me this guy have been best friends for about 6 years now. Recently he just started dating this girl. When they first started dating he told her (which i have no idea why he would say it) that i was gunna be mad so be prepared. at the time i was on vacation. Now he was so afraid to tell me and all we have doing for the past 2 weeks they have been together is fighting. and its not even me, its him. he always gets so mad whenever i talk to ANY guy, i found out while i was gone he told his cousin whom im friends with that he did wanna be with me but hes too afraid to ruin the friendship. Now hes with this girl who just walked right into the middle of this time bomb that went off with us and i dont know what to do. I recently brought an ex boyfriend to a party we all went too and he got veryy anger, even though his gf was with him at the time. i cant do anything right, i try to tell him i do like his gf but he gets mad, if i say i dont like her he gets mad. and as of right now we are not speaking sooo i dont know what the hell im supposed to do. he thinks that being in a relationship together would ruin are friendship when what he is doing right now is ruining it. ( a little confusing, sorry i know but i just need advice)
posted by Nicole (age 19) on 5/16/2008 @6:42:02 AM •
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