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"they both love me"
my exboyriend and i broke up cuz he couldn't get his life together. a job, still live'n at home. so i broke up with hime 3 months ago and i still love him. i started dating another guy now and am planning to move in with him. well my ex called and wants to get back together. he's got a job now and has his own place. and i told him i'm with some one new now and he still wants me back. i want so badley to say i'm over him, but the truth is i'm not, but i'm seeing this other guy. and when i told him my ex called me and wanted to get back with me he didn't say a thing!!! i told him that i told my ex i was seeing some one else now, but still no reaction out of him. we just talked about me moving to oregon with him. what am i to do? should i go back to my ex or not?
posted by amanda (age 25) on 5/16/2008 @7:31:41 PM •
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