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Ok, its like this, i got married really young, at 17, im about to be 25 now. We split up over a year ago, but never got divorced. My husband and I have been back talking again, but the bad part is, im pregnant and dont know how to tell him. This is going to kill him, I dont want that, but I dont know what to do. I didnt find out I was till I was about 5 months. Now Im almost 6, and Its too late for me to even come up with any alternatives. I dont need any negative feedback, trust me, I know this situation isnt good, I should have been responsible,, blah blah.. Please I need some serious advice.
posted by N on 5/17/2008 @11:26:25 AM •
well... he's gonna find out one way or another. i can't imagine having to break that kind of news... maybe you can tell him just the way you posted it here, ya know? if he knows how difficult it is, and that you only recently found out, maybe it'll be easier to take.

it will all work out like it's supposed to... there's just gonna be a rough patch.
posted by jon on 5/17/2008

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