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"i cant stop thinking of her."
I've liked this girl for 5 years now. and i keep falling and falling for her each and every day. though shes lives a state away she might be moving here.i feel like im supposed to be with her. we have so much in common.but its weird because shes my cousins sister but we're not related. I geuss what im trying to say is i cant stop thinking of her. and she has a boyfreind and im afraid to tell her my feelings. please help. i've never felt this way before. thanks.
posted by Dustin on 12/25/2007 @12:33:14 AM •
dear dustin take a girls advice on these if you feel these way about the girl then teel her im sure she whould love to now there is someone out there that fells these strong about her i now she whould love to now you care about her
posted by destiney on 12/26/2007

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