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"Is it me or her?"
My girlfriend of 5 years never wants to have sex. Yet she's found the time to cheat on me twice during our relationship. Why does she feel she's got to go to some one else, and not me? She's not a habitual cheater, only happened twice, but she became really inactive with me two years ago. Is it me pushing her too much? What's the deal? How should I approach her?
posted by Chris (age 20) on 5/23/2008 @2:57:31 PM •
First off how do you know she cheated on you twice? If she is the one that told you this then she could be playing games with you to see how you react!
If you are the one that found out she cheated on you not once but twice it’s time to cut the cord and move on because if she cheats on you twice and didn’t care she will keep doing it.
If she’s playing mind games with you or she really is cheating on you then really she’s not worth it and you should put your foot down and end it !!!
posted by Chris (age 31) on 5/27/2008
b patient. if ur desperate enough to stay with a girl who has cheated on you. then just be patient and when she want to ride...u'll b ready to petle to the metal. k.
posted by lexi (age 21) on 6/1/2008

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