relationship advice (post new situation)
"should i tell him HELP PLZ!"
ok i really lik ethis guy named brandon but i do not know if likes me we have been out before but i broke up with him because HE asked TWO of MY FRIENDS for THEIR phone numbers should i tell him that i like him because even though he did that to me i still like him should i tell he all of the signs that he likes me but idk so HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by JESSICA (age 13) on 5/25/2008 @2:29:56 PM •
i don't know... asking for your friends' numbers is pretty sketch... but if you can deal with him doing that kind of thing, or if you think he won't do it anymore, go for it!
posted by jon on 6/3/2008
ok for you people that are ging advice to me (because im am the girl that posted the situation)
i dont know if i should telll him because my other friend will think i like him and i do but she will give me a lot of grief if she knows i like him
posted by jessica (age 13) on 6/7/2008
will she give you grief because she likes him, too? i don't know... this whole situation seems kinda harsh...
posted by jon on 6/20/2008

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