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"i want dat fone buh "THEM!!!" "
ok... im soon getting a sidekick and i want a lx or a slide...... i told maii firends (what was i thinking?!?!) and they r like oh i have dat so u cant get it.... i was like y not and they said oh cuz we wanna b one of a kind!! jeah!! they r one of a kind ****es!!! anywaysz they r maii close friends and i have been waiting all maii life to get a sidekick!!! what should i do?!?! =.=
posted by kEkE on 5/29/2008 @3:57:33 PM •
i would get it anyways screw them((:
posted by samantha (age 14) on 5/29/2008
go for it! you're the one that's gonna be using the phone - get something you like!
posted by jon on 6/3/2008

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