relationship advice (post new situation)
okay heres the deal, i have a boyfriend but i havent seen or tlked to him on over a week....and he hasnt texted me in four days.....and i recently hung out with one of my guy friends that i havent seen on over a year..and im beginning to kinda like him..but he has a girlfreind..soo should i break uo with my boyfriend and wait on him...or wht??
posted by samantha (age 14) on 5/29/2008 @7:41:41 PM •
well... it sounds like you're almost broken up with him already. over a week is a long time without talking. and four days is a long time with no communication at all... whether you wait for the other guy or not, it might be about time to move on with the current one...
posted by jason on 6/3/2008

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