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"mom doesnt understand"
I am trying hard in skool but i suck at tests. my mom finally got mad at me made a deal with me (not much of a deal, but a demand) that if i cant get my grades up i can't do anything this summer. espcially go to this camp, which i kno this probably sound lame, but i was one of the best changes in my life. Attending this camp. I finallys coming up and i fail my camp goes down the drain. wut do u think i should do.
posted by Lost on 6/1/2008 @6:11:58 PM •
that doesn't sound lame. different stuff means different things to different people... i understand sucking at tests. i guess it's kinda late in the year, but there are some things out there that are supposed to help you learn to take tests better. it's not like you don't remember stuff - it's just all the pressure and craziness of a test...
posted by jon on 6/3/2008

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