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"my mom makes me ): #"
OMG. my mom is ruining my life. i am a teenager in high skool. my mo won't get me a fone, she wont let me walk around the mall with friends, i can't have a boyfriend even if he is mature, she never lets me hang out w/ my friends because she "never sees me" even though i spend every waking hour w/ her. shes gettinng anoying but i dont have the heart to confront her. i kno she does it out of love but shes only been like this ever since she met this guy named greg who is nice but totally conservitive. and she seems like shell do wut ever to get his aproval. this includes messing up my life. please help me.
posted by agrivated on 6/1/2008 @6:17:57 PM •
sit her down and hav a convo with her and tell her how u feel with out yelling and without "greg" there
posted by Rachel on 7/3/2008

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