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"guilty and mad"
so ive been attending this one church for my whole entire life. its been year and years and finally my mom has decided to take me out of the church because she wants something good for her. BUt the thing is, if it gives her happiness, i doesnt matter wut i even care. i kno i dont have a say in everying thing. but i got connected to the church, nursery, bookstore, youthgroup, ministy, choir, everything i could get in to. I had friends that i could truly b myself around, people who have known me for years since i was an infant. And even with that in mind, becasue i have told her about my strong feelings, she want a church that makes her content and me misserable. i hate the people there b/c they r just as critical as people at skool. justas stuck up and cliqu-y as skool. i want to make her understand that that is my home where i "grew up" and let me attend that church. My grandparents live really close to the church and i could stay w/ them on sat and go to church and youth group just like always but my mom wont let it happen. i have to be at her side every waking moment. wut do i do. wut do i say. i know i've written alot, but i just can't leave that church, i can't .
posted by desperate on 6/1/2008 @6:26:19 PM •
that's really sad, and it's a hard one. the only thing i know to do is just to keep expressing how much you miss the other church. and maybe - if it's true - tell her how the other church really helped you spiritually, and how the people there were really supportive... i'd just keep trying!
posted by jon on 6/3/2008

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