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I am a 33 male. I have strong deisres for over 15 years to be used sexually by a group of men. Is this normal and should i persue it?
posted by Joe (age 33) on 6/7/2008 @9:39:44 AM •
Sigmund Freud said that the only abnormal sexual behavior is the lack of sexual behavior. if it can be done safely, in a manner that you are comfortable with, why not?
posted by Joe (age 20) on 6/22/2008
fantasies usually don't out the way they are in your head. and wanting to be "used" may be a sign you're not happy with yourself...
posted by jon on 7/2/2008
This sounds like an idea that may be better left to fantasy. Having sex with a group of people poses the threat of many STDs, and with the number of people infected these days it's almost inpossible to tell. You should consider having a mongomous gay relationship and see if you enjoy that, but not before you know he's tested negative.
posted by Asha on 8/2/2008

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