relationship advice (post new situation)
"ex wont pick up phone anymore"
basically, we broke up because he didn't want to be in a relationship right now & wanted to handle his **** (get a job). well we didn't talk but after 2 weeks of being broken up we hung out at his house twice that week. then he called me the following week to ask if i could take his friend to see his gf. and he'd come to, so it was a good idea so we'd all hang out. so we hung out that whole day, but that day was awkward & i felt so distant with him and i still loved him but it wasn't the same. after that day he said he'd call me but we haven't talked. then like a month passed and i called him from my friend's phone and i was like hey what's up? and we talked for only 5 mins because he had to go. and after that day 3 weeks have passed and now he won't even answer or call me back when i call. i don't get it. =/ we were cool & nothing was really wrong. i just don't get it. he said he'd always be there for me, but he's not. and we've been broken up for almost 3 months now. well more like 2 1/2. but i don't get it. i just want to talk to him. and i know that i should let him call me, but i feel like he's not going to and i just really want to talk to him =[
i don't like things ending without a legitimate closure.
posted by Rebecca (age 19) on 6/7/2008 @3:09:35 PM •
well love it sounds like he just maybe does need to get his **** straight thought he is being really immature about it i cant give much advice without hearing the whole story some male withdrawal when they get emotional or stressed but not all males all the same so i could be wrong about the situation too but thats what it does sound like maybe hes just in a rough patch or just not who you thought he was in the first place idk bc idk the whole story either sry i cant help any more though
posted by Priscilla (age 18) on 8/6/2008

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