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"My boyfriend cant get over my past"
My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 months. In the begining things we were great we always got along and had fun. Then one day my roommate mentioned something that happened in my past. I was on a tubing trip and gave a guy oral than kissed another guy. After that he wanted to know everything. I had a bad past becausei was insecure and lonely so i turned to going out and partying and then going home and calling a guy to come over. I am now 21, and we met on my 20th birthday. I have been with eight people and the thing that really gets to him is that he knows 3 of the guys. I was only a shotgirl at a club and kissed to girls and this also gets to him. Things got really bad and he called me trash and hes put me down to the point i was crying everyday. He said I should not of donethat and that it was unlady like. He also throws in my face that we met in a bar and i hooked up with him the first night i met him. And hes not perfect either he has a past but not as bad as mine but in while we were together i caught him in numerous lies and he called me one night upset because he was mad at me so he went out and attempted to cheat on me. He said I should not be upset about that because he couldnt do it and called me instead. My past is my past I dont do anything anymore. I dont drink, I dont go out partying, I dont talk to other guys, and i rarely even talk to my friends to try and help him feel better because he is do jealous because of my past. He says he cares about me alot thats why he hasnt left me and he is getting help. He has been seeing a doc and now hes on medicine. He admits that he is the one with the problem not me., but he cant control the bad thought or his anger that comes with it and it takes it out on me. but then he apologizes. What do I do?
posted by Crystal (age 21) on 6/7/2008 @10:40:28 PM •
everyone has their past and is something that cant really be controlled. Someone really shouldnt judge you for that past though if someone will just over look that and love you thats all you need. Mistakes are meant to happen to make us who we are, and bear with him it seems like he loves you and i see where he is coming from but im sure he will come to a place where he could over look that :)
thats all i got to say
posted by Jesus (age 16) on 7/18/2008

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