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I have just been told that The person who i thought was my friend hates me its not just hate she literally loathes me and this whole year has been a lie she doesnt know that i know and the person that told me is the only person she has told what should i do?
posted by Emily on 12/26/2007 @8:02:04 PM •
dear emily ask her about these problem to her face and ask if she feels these way about you cause she might not. think of the person who told you these is she just starting rumors but if not im sure your a great person and can find a great friend.
posted by desy on 12/26/2007
Mabe you should not listen to it but at the same time not o out of your way for this person and find a new friend. these things happen and you find out who your real freinds are focus on them
posted by jessica on 12/29/2007
Tlk to her about it. See whats up eith the whole thing. Tell her you dont understamd what is going on w. you two but you would like to workk it out. You dont have to name names just tell her you have noticest distance.
posted by Kc on 2/18/2008

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