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i am dating a guy and i met his friend.after 1 month of haging out with hem i fell in love with hem what sould i do?
posted by becca (age 15) on 6/10/2008 @7:30:16 PM •
My advice is (and I'm not trying to be insulting) learn what love is before you get caught up in some kijnd of triangle. You dont want to hear this and you're just going to blow this off, but you're too young. if you like the other guy better, well, you already know what to do. but dont let the word "love" get involved because at your age its not the same thing it is to someone my age, or older, and it will affect your judgement in not necessarily a good way.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 6/28/2008
i know ur sitch.thats how i should hint how you feel.and FLIRT!find out if he feels the same by asking one of his good friends,that is also one of your friends.if you cant do that then tell him,remember if it was meant to be it will be.Because ifhe is stupid enough to let you go,then you dont need him and are probly to good for him.
posted by Leann (age 14) on 6/30/2008
dump the old guy if he cant match up wit dis one and go 4 da new.if the old guy gives you a feeling the other cant den stay wit da old guy and remember that he couldnt give you what the old guy can
posted by leann (age 14) on 6/30/2008
Oh k kiddies... at 14 & 15 life seems so complicated.... but it's not ... you need to leave this guy alone... at least until you talk to you current bo...
all you're doing by going behind his back and flirting with his friends is making yourself look bad... how do you think the new guy is going to trust you... and if he's really any friend to your current boy friend he is just going to tell his friend that you have been hitting on him... but probably not before he tells you how much he likes you too and gets you to fool around with him... (cheat) ... he'll promise not to tell and then... you look like the fool when he does... cuz he won't stay with you and you'll lose both of them ... don't be stupid... obviously the guy you're with doesn't do it for you... so move on ... but not with his friends...
posted by Nikki (age 25) on 7/16/2008

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