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Ok so thers this guy and I've been his bestfriend for like 2 years and he has been going out with this girl I used to talk to for like 2 months and our other friend had a pool party that my friends gilfriend couldnt come to so she signed his yearbook as have fun at the pool party stay away from Kristina and yes he talked to me but we had to make sure no one told her because she broke up with him for hanging with me before so she hangs with my boyfriend and I dont freak out and we used to be really good friends I still want to be her friend but I cant live with a friend that says and does stuff like that and to make it worse she lies tome about it when I ask her about it what should I do please someone help me because I'm not gonna be a **** and tell my boyfriend not to talk to her because they are good friends just like me and her boyfriend
posted by Kristina on 6/10/2008 @8:22:53 PM •
my advise to you is to sit her down and become friends with her again. i mean if you are friends with her bf and she is friends with yours then yall should all be friends. makes sense thaat way to me. so if i was you i'd just sit her down and talk to her about it i bet if you explained it then she would understand you better.
posted by ashely (age 18) on 8/1/2008

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