relationship advice (post new situation)
"One..or the other!"
Okay, so i moved to a new school where i met this really CA-UTE boy. He had it all. He was funny, outgoing, cute, and smart! He was very flirty, but i instantly fell for him. Back home, i knew another boy that i could tell liked me. He was the same but not outgoing. i am having second thoughts and need advice b4 i do somethin wrong!!!
posted by Mariah on 6/14/2008 @10:57:06 PM •
All you have to do is think. What do you like to do then what do they like to do. See who has the most in common with you.
posted by Marion (age 12) on 6/16/2008
I think that you should just play it by ear... see how you feel ... which ever guy makes you the most crazy... weak in the knees and that kind of stuff... choose him.,.. follow your heart... it won't lead you down the wrong path...
posted by Nikki (age 25) on 7/14/2008

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