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"He asked for advice"
Ok theres this guy i like but he doesnt know that and today he told me who he likes "since we are like best friends" he told that he met her and she is lesbian and he wants to convert her so she will go out with him and he asked for advice what should i tell him
posted by meow on 6/21/2008 @6:14:58 PM •
Ok. So he should not mess with her and, plus it might take a while to convert her so here is some advice from me and if you want to be my friend email me ****
posted by Marion (age 11) on 6/30/2008
Simply tell him he's barking up the wrong tree. Usually I have longer columns of advice, a couple paragraphs really, but it's that simple.

He can't convert her. There is nothing that he can do to even try. By trying to do so, by trying to convince her to change her, her way of life, who she likes and how she feels, he will only aggrevate her, and possibly end a friendship. Tell him that, and maybe he'll understand. If not, there are always sex changes =)....but I wouldn't mention that one. We guys sometimes do crazy things.

Always email if you have questions (I've written that so much, I feel like I'm advertising myself -.-)
posted by Juke Mase on 7/15/2008
like how do i email u back???
posted by meow on 7/17/2008

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