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"how to manage it all"
I am a mother of 2, I work a side job to help pay for daycare and grocieries. My husband once the bread winner of the family had a heart attack and now is unable to work. Our life has changed dramatically, financaly and sometimes I feel like it may tear us apart over finances. how can I get keep it together for my kids? Manange it all
posted by Amy (age 33) on 7/8/2008 @6:06:33 AM •
Hi Amy,,

Well I'm sorry to say that I honestly don't know very much about what you are going through... but I do have a suggestion...
I think you should talk to the gov't... go to your local social services center... or you should be able to recieve subsidy for your child care and if not... they should be able to help you with a long term life goal... where there's a will there's a way.... hang in there I'm sure it will get easier...
posted by Nikki (age 25) on 7/14/2008

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