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"Does he like me?"
There's this guy that was in my class and i noticed that he has been staring at me since April. One time we were in the computer lab and i was fixing my hair in the computer screen then i just randomly glanced over to where he was and i saw him staring at me and another time was when i was hanging out with my friends at lunch and we were standing in the caf line and he was with 2 other guys and everytime i looked up at him, he kept staring at in late May, i started to like him and i told him and he said he had a girlfriend..but after he told me that, he would still stare at me! he even tried starting a conversation with me on msn but i wasn't at my computer..i'm so confused..does he like me? sorry, i know this is long...
posted by Kayla (age 17) on 7/11/2008 @2:05:05 PM •
Hi Kayla...

I know you may think he likes you and you know what he may even think he likes you... but if the guy has a girlfriend right now and is staring at you and give you a vibe.... than he doesn't really sound like that great a guy... you deserve better... you don't want some guy who is scoping out another chick while he's dating you... maybe his other relationship suks and maybe he's bored with her... but to me he sounds like a coward... if he really liked you he would dump his girlfriend and then make a move ... not find out if you're interested first and then dump her... he sounds like he does like being on his own ...
posted by Nikki (age 25) on 7/14/2008
Does he like you? Well, it could really be either way, yes or no. Don't mean to be so open on possible options, but it's a guy's head we're talking about. Sometimes we just want to be friends, but can't figure out to start talking to the girl. Happens to me all the time. So what do I do? I'm a complete dumb ass, and just stare. Maybe she'll start the conversation, but probably with a "What's your problem?"

He could possibly like you, but I wouldn't say it's certain. Maybe he's afraid to make new friends that are girls, considering he fears what his girlfriend will think. Or maybe he's a perverted guy who just wants more than one girl. But considering he has a girlfriend, I would suggest being careful around him. All I'm saying is, don't fall for him.

Always email if you want to talk....
posted by Juke Mase on 7/15/2008
If you're always looking at him when he's looking at you, it's possible that he think you're staring at him. lol
posted by Asha on 8/2/2008

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