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okay i know this is stupid but i had a black 30 Gb ipod video and it was showing the sad face icon on the screen and i was trying to fix it by opening it up by myself..however, that didn't work so i got frustrated and it just started throwing it on the ground now the pieces inside is ripped out and disconnected..i was wondering if i bring it to the apple store, will they repair it for me?
posted by Kayla (age 17) on 7/11/2008 @2:11:57 PM •
well if u can get the case back on and make it look like u dropped it, but i dont think they will repair it
posted by meow on 7/17/2008
I'm quite sure they'll fix a small piece to your I-Pod, but I would heavily advise you don't mention that part of losing your temper and slamming it on the ground.

Just a little life lesson ;)
posted by Juke Mase on 7/18/2008

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