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"i'm just lost"
I had a short relationship with a guy (about a week), neither one of us really saw us going anywere so we just kinda stopped talking. About a month later i found out i was pregnant. We both agreed that we would have an abortion, (we both have children from a previous). So, I asked him to help me pay for it and he said he would after he got paid. I went ahead and paid for it, but now he is denying that it was even his. I have completely lost my mind, and i'm not acting like myself. I've found myself actually kinda stalking him. I'm an honest person and never though I would have ended up in this situation. Should i just let it be? Should I just leave him alone and chalk it up to expierence? I'm devastated that I've found myself like this. I'm depressed and cry all the time. And I just feel like he should have helped in some way. He doesn't asnwer my calls or texts. I don't know what to do.
posted by megan (age 25) on 7/12/2008 @9:20:10 PM •
hey...sorry to hear that...well I think you should just let it be because that guy is immature and irresponsible...he's not taking responsibility for what he did to you..and he's ignoring you by not answering your calls or texts..I know your still going to feel depressed but you can try writing down how you feel in a little diary or journal to let out your emotions if you don't have anyone close to you to confide in. Just remember this, time heals everything. hope this helped..take care♥
posted by Kayla (age 17) on 7/12/2008
I'm sure you feel like you are going through this all alone. Obviously this guy isn't going to be there to help you in any way-financially or personally. If I were you I would try to move past it-if you continue to let him bother you I think it will take longer for you to heal. This guy is not worth your time. I know it will be hard-but I think it is the best way to move on.
posted by Liz (age 23) on 7/13/2008

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