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im 15 and ive been questioning my sexuality a lot. ive never been with a girl but i feel more attracted to girls than guys. ive never been in a real relationship. ive hooked up with guys but i didnt like it.latley i been believing i was gay. i told my sister but she doesnt believe me. shes like your not gay u have never been with a girl and she just laughs at me. i want to go out with a girl but im nervous sence it would be my first and most likely the other girl has already been with other girls and i dont have any experience. im the kind of person who is really shy and quiet unless i know you. idk im just really confused
posted by Brittany (age 15) on 7/13/2008 @6:14:58 PM •
Confused on sexuality. Well, it's pretty tough for someone who's not exactly positive, but the thing you should do is go out with a girl, and see if you like it. Being quiet is fine, even on a date or hanging out, as long as the person you're with is very, very, very talkative. I believe that's 97.23 % of all girls.

And you can't be shy either, because let's be honest, how's that going to get you a date? You have to be more open towards everyone, something that is hard, I know personally.

But also remember, you may not be gay. For all you know, you just haven't found the right guy yet. Maybe everyone you've dated is a ****. It happens quite a bit, we guys are ****s. But don't let that stop you from taking a chance anyways. You never know what may happen.

Email me if you need to talk or anything.
posted by Juke Mase on 7/15/2008
You remind me of myself back in 9th grade.
I liked girls, but i had a bf. Eventually i found a girl that i knew i wanted to be with, she knew that i had never been with a girl and understood. So if you find a girl that you like and u know she's gay or bi, then talk to her and let her know whats up. It will all work out, i promise.

posted by Tracie (age 17) on 7/31/2008
first and formost,you shouldnt be having sex at do no its illigal?if the guy or girl is 1 year older he or she go to juvi.or if the guy or girl one year younger youll go to,wait.wait intill you meet the rite guy or girl for you,give it time,get to no them,build a freindship first.
posted by leann (age 18) on 8/4/2008

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