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"my husband"
my husband is in the miltary and for the last two years we have been lucky enough to live in our home town and have him home on a regular basis... ( they paid for him to go to school) ... now that school is over it's time for him to start his trade training... this means that we will have to move and begin to deal with the fact that he will be on regular training exersises... not to mention that in a couple of years he will be going on a tour in Afganistan...
... my problem is that I had prepared myself for all of this and now he doesn't want to do it... he's talking about getting out of the miltary and living a normal life... staying here close to our family circle... but it means buying himself out of his contract.... he owes them 4 years for them paying for his schooling.... I don't know what to do... he is lost and I don't know how to help him... he says that he can't stand being away from me and the kids... oh yeah... we have three kids who are 5 and under and another one on the way... I know that I should probably be happy that he feels this way and I am... but I can't help thinking that if he does go through with this and get out of the military he will be making a big mistake...
... but I'm afraid to tell him to stay in when I know he doesn't want to... because then, heaven forbid anything were to happen to him ... I would feel like it was my fault... what do I do???
posted by Nikki (age 25) on 7/14/2008 @5:34:58 PM •
whoa. you've got some major life stuff going on... as you get older, priorities change. maybe he's realizing family may be more important than anything (which sounds like a good thing to me, too). it sounds like a big investment, but... if it's really what he wants, it could be best for the family.
posted by jon on 8/8/2008

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