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"long distance"
we met online a year ago. never met in real time. we live three thousand miles apart. neither one of us can afford the trip. she is having heart surgery soon. i said i would come. but i cannot. now she is hurt we said goodbye. was i wrong to believe that i could meet her?
posted by glenn on 7/19/2008 @12:42:05 AM •
You weren't wrong to believe you could meet her, You were wrong to tell her you would when she needs you, then not be there, You should have saved up money to go see her.
posted by Asha on 8/2/2008
No.If it was/is meant to be you would/will find a way.
Love knows no bounds rite?
posted by leann (age 18) on 8/4/2008
that's a sad story. you never know - it may not be over forever. she may understand why you couldn't come.
posted by jon on 8/6/2008

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