other advice (post new situation)
lol this is a weird question but i want to e-mail someone here from wordofadvice, but how do i do that??? lol
posted by Kayla (age 17) on 7/20/2008 @11:13:33 AM •
I think you would have to ask them for the e-mail address ... it's my understanding that all of that info is confidential on this site.... sorry... but you could send them a message/post telling them to meet you in a chat room that you frequently use and just private message them your e-mail and then you could e-mail back and forth....
hope this helps..
posted by Nikki on 8/11/2008
or you can try doing this
l stockton 90 ~AT~ hotmail . com
lstockton90 ~AT~ hotmail .com
posted by leann (age 18) on 8/19/2008

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