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"Failure to Launch"
My husband and I were married 2 years ago. His 25 year old daughter lives with us and it doesn't look like she plans to move out at any time. She makes a very good income. She doesn't give us any money for house payment, food, utilities etc. She doesn't help clean or do yard work. She is very lazy and basically living off of us. She has her own bedroom, bathroom and she also uses our guest bedroom as her "flop" room to watch TV and sleep. This is very irritating to me. My husband doesn't say anything to her, he says that she can stay as long as she wants. I think it's time for the little free-loader to go and experience life on her own instead of mouching off of us. If anyone has any advice regarding this please help.
posted by Tammy on 7/22/2008 @8:12:24 AM •
well... at 25, it probably is time. but saying anything to her dad will just result in some bad blood. and saying anything to her will be even worse... if he's not interested in charging rent or suggesting she move, there's not much you can do. the only thing i can think of is to happily talk about when you moved out in front of her, and how the indepedence and freedom was really rewarding...
posted by jon on 8/8/2008

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