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"What have I done?"
So, this guy told me he liked me, and we have known each other for quite some time, and I was pretty sure the feelings were mutual. So we have "liked each other" for about 4 months now. Well just last night he told me he loved me. WHOA! Craziness. The more I thought about that the more I regreted saying it back. I think I want to tell him that I'm not ready to like anyone right now. It all just feels wrong. What should I do? What should I say? Please help..
posted by Mercedes (age 16) on 7/22/2008 @10:55:40 PM •
well, mercedes, sounds like he's been there for you for quite some time, he has probably had feelings for you for a while, but was afraid to say anything, because it may jeprodise the friendship you have. but from what i have learned about relationships, i can tell you honestly that the people who are there for you through thick and thin, are ultimately the kind of people you really want to be with, but on the other hand you said that you don't really want to date anyone right now. This may be caused from failed past relationships, or you may have something important in your life going on, that you couldn't make room for a significant other. in either case, if you really don't want to date him, or if you want to date him in the future perhaps, be careful how you tell him, he could very easily take it the wrong way. the last thing anyone needs is losing a friend over mispoken feelings. but you said u like him too, so i'm leaning towards u may want to date him later. let him know this, but if months go by, he might still get impatient, its not his fault tho, you can't control how your heart feels. anyways i hope this helped, if you need any more info, u can contact me at my email>********
posted by JOHN (age 22) on 7/29/2008
okayy..i kno exactly how youu feel...bc i went through the same exact thing not too lng ago..
i think youu rllly need to tell him how youu feel...cuz if youu dnt hes either goin to find out how youu feel through someone else.. or hes goin to get more serious with youu.. i kno bc im goin through it right now made the same mistake... i told him i loved himm too when afterwards i regreted it.. now ive got myself in real deep and dnt kno how to break up with himm..
posted by teela (age 17) on 7/30/2008

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