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"my brother in law"
hello , my brother in law met a girl online and he is in love with her but she is not the right girl for him ,she is a bad girl, she is in different religion and divorced, his parents are against him but he is insisting that he will continue till he marry her, what shall i do to stop this since she is entering to the family
posted by stifanni (age 27) on 7/25/2008 @3:35:07 AM •
Her being of a different religion and divorced does no make her a "bad girl". If he's a grown man it's his right to marry whom ever he loves.
posted by Asha on 8/2/2008
i've had to deal with some major disapproval of my fiance's family, and they have no idea who i really am. and for a long time they displayed no interested in knowing me... they preferred to just disapprove.

maybe the family should take some more time to get to know her...
posted by jon on 8/6/2008

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