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"advice needed from a former party girl"
i give advice to my best friend all the time. she used to be a very wild girl, a party girl, but i changed all that when i taught her about the world, and about guys. she got a job, bought a car, and is now saving up for college, but the problem is: she has started partying again, and now its like -everytime i step in to try to keep her from making a bad decision, she ignores me. she knows i'm right, but she says"i'll do what i want" or "nobody tells me what to do" of course she is drunk at the time, but now even when she is sober, she is saying it. i just want whats best for her. she never had a father, he died when she was 8, thats why she made stupid decisions because she craved a mans attention, i taught her to make them crave her attention. and now its like she uses guys to make out, never gives them more, but the same thing used to happen to her, men would use her, have sex with her, and never talk to her again, unless they wanted more, but i really did change her, i made her street smart, and we were like peas and carrots, but now she feels like i'm allways getting in her business, and keeping tabs on her, but i allways have, and she knew before that i do it to protect her. its like she doesent care anymore, and my opinion doesent matter anymore. we see each other every-day for at least an hour or more, sometimes for half the day. and she says she needs space from me, but i just want to help, am i being too forceful? when she does something stupid with a guy and has hickeys on her neck, and feels stupid, i just say "i don't want to hear it,,i told u so, i told u what to do and u didn't listen" what should i do???
posted by John (age 21) on 7/29/2008 @12:22:40 AM •
It sounds like you might be in love with her. And if you are, maybe you should let her know, and be the man she gets attention from.
posted by Asha on 8/2/2008
she sounds a lot like me. sometimes there really is nothing you can do to charnge that because she will just turn around and go back to her ways
posted by mariah on 8/9/2008

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