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"Did I do the right thing"
I asked my brother to stop having so many people over day and night like it's been lately. Even though he pays most of the bills right now, but it's really my house. Although I don't know what I would do if he was to move. But it was like grand central station around here, no one helping just partying and taking advantage. We can't afford to get into trouble. Especially my brother. He's a grown man age 45 and i'm 39. It's a long story why we live in the same house right now. Am I wrong or right?
posted by jill (age 39) on 7/29/2008 @6:28:16 AM •
trouble would be a bad thing, yes. it's your house, and if something goes on in there that shouldn't, you'd go down, too. that's not good at all... i don't think it was wrong to ask, even if he's paying most of the bills.
posted by jon on 8/8/2008

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