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"do i tel lhim"
ive been in love with a close guy friend of mine for about 18 months now ... back earlier this year we had a night together where it was just kissing & hugging .. nothing else ... but he felt bad the next day and said he shouldnt of done it and he would rather keep a close friend than loose one .... which broke my heart! we have never been close since then until recently. ive been feeling a bit down and hes been the one who has been there for me 100% .. he has been doin everythin he can to make me smile and get me feeling better, he keeps asking whats going on but i cant tell him .. because hes one of the reasons why i feel the way i do.

after 18 months of keeping my love a secret, i just want to go ahead and tell him. but i dont .. because i think our friendship may be ruined. i sat and typed a letter to him this afternoon at work .. it doesnt say im "in love" with him .. i tried to be as avoidable from that as i could ...

if u would like to read the letter and give me some advice please get in touch with me before i go insane :(
posted by Miss H on 7/30/2008 @10:19:06 AM •
my first and only experiences with love have been that way. and the only reason im not with either of those two girls is: i was afraid to say what i needed to say, because i didnt want to ruin the friendship. i robbed myself of my first love, and then did it all over again with someone else ... because i was afraid. Tell him. tell him today.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 7/30/2008
I told him last night :) We were out with friends so I texted him while we were stood at the beach and told him I had a letter I wanted him to read. I apologised in advance and said I would give it to him before he went home. Cut a long story short he read the letter, I made him cry! and laugh though :) and he said i was the best friend hes ever had and that im so special etc ... he does love me but just not "in that way" ... i feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders now he knows, and i feel so content knowing that im not going to lose him. infact, its brought us closer together .. so i really cant complain :)

okay so he might not be in love with me. but he said he does love me .. and thats all i need :)

thank you for your advice :)
posted by Miss H on 7/30/2008

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