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"Sister going to jail?"
Well, my sister ran away, broke into some cabins, partied there, stole things, and broke things. She may (probably) go to jail......... I don't know what to do, I'm scared.
posted by tilly (age 14) on 7/30/2008 @1:41:12 PM •
Tilly, the most you can do is love your sister, wish her the best of luck, support her, and help her learn from this. and you can learn from this too.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 7/30/2008
i kno how you feel my older brother has been in for a while now. when he first went in i was very upset && didn't kno wat to do. but your sister should be able to call home--you can talk to her. you guys can write to eachother. and sometimes you may even be able to go visit her. i got to visit my brother once and it was good to see him && made it much easier. it will be ok && it will all work out.
peace && love
posted by calliannie on 7/30/2008

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