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"boyfriend trouble"
me and my boyfriend have been going out for almost 5 months and hes constantly hanging out with one of his ex girlfriends they both say nothings there ,. but who and what should i believe?
posted by cheri (age 15) on 7/30/2008 @2:54:20 PM •
If your boy says nothing up then you should trust him
posted by mariah on 7/31/2008
well... it doesn't matter who you believe. if you don't like that he does it, then he shouldn't do it anymore.
posted by jon on 7/31/2008
when they hang out, go with them. if he doesn't want you to, then something definitly ain't right.
posted by mis on 7/31/2008
test him and see how he acts.. go hang out with one of ur ex's tht ur still friends with if he doesnt like it them tell him "the way u feel is the way i feel when u go out with her" and see wut he says.. or just be honest with him and tell him ur having doubts..
posted by lanae (age 19) on 8/1/2008

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