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"I kno its not right"
I met this guy i really like and ke likes me.. we want to be together.But theres a problem.. He's a good bit older than me and its not legal for us to be together.. i dont kno what to do.. anyone have anyadvice?
posted by Shawn's gurl on 12/27/2007 @11:06:28 AM •
dear shawns girl love is a strong thing but if your not fully shore you love these guy then i whould give it a couple days before iwhould get sherous with him take it from me ive been in a relationship like these before if your not shore that he fully loves you then id what but i now it s hard cause we all whant to belive in love is out there some were
posted by amber on 12/27/2007
well... most things that are illegal are against the law for a good reason... honestly, you have two good choices: 1)ask one of your parents or guardians about the situation or 2) don't see him again until it is legal.

if you really do like him, then prison won't sound like a good option for him...
posted by james on 12/27/2007
to be honest, if your not the legal age to have sex and hes a lot older then you and your parents find out and dob him in he can go to jail for a period of tim on criminal sex charges of soliciting aminor or rape or god knows. The law dosent care that you like or love each other or how long youve known him or wether your parents agreed to it even. Truth is that your parents should be involved to guide you on this one. its really up to them since u are a minor. If you can work out some boundaries untill you reach the age of 16 like have the relationship but no staying over or intercourse. If hes willing to abide by that and if your mature enough to say no to yourself than that might be the way to go. You have to ask yourself if yourready for that type of relationship because usually sex complicates everything and having a relationship with anolder guy wether you plan to have sex or not is socially forbidden in your stages of developement as it is by law. your still growing and putting that strain on yourself isnt advisable even if you really do like him. i think you need to take a good look at wether you want to complicate yourself, your parents, your social life and your image by giving in to what you think mite be love.
posted by jessica on 12/29/2007

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