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"I bought a car for my boyfriend"
4 month into my relationship I bought my boyfriend a car, like an idiot. Agreeing I would pay no part of the car, he would make all the payments. It has been just about a year after than incident and I found myself trapped. He has horrible credit (repo) and we can't get anything in is name. This one place has approved him so he started working for a down payment. and just then he decided to quit his job and hasnt had one for about a month now. He is almost 2 month behind on this car payment, but really it is my problem because it is in my name. We were so close to having it gone, and now I am having the bank call me and stressing me out. Because I have my own car and everything to pay for. I have fallen out of love with him almost to a disgust. How can this be fixed where I dont have this truck in my name!! How long before my credit started being effected? HELP!!!
posted by Tiffany (age 22) on 7/31/2008 @10:58:04 AM •
well if you are already 2 months behind on payments, your credit is already starting to go down...even if the payment is one day late it starts to affect your credit. i would either sell the car and finish paying it off, or make your boyfriend get a job. to me it seems like he has no intention of paying off the car if he just decided to quit his job. it shows no responsibility on his part. now if he starts paying for the car and whatnot, your credit will go up again if you keep paying the payments on time and a little more than the full amount each month. hope i helped.
posted by andrew on 7/31/2008
okay so i've been in your position. hun, if you dont want to be with this loser of a guy END IT! i mean the car is in your name and if he isnt paying for it, dont let that eff up your credit! take that car and return it!!! you dont need to be selling your car and changing your life to cater to this loser guy! he needs to take the responsibility and be a man about this situation. this really urks me because i've been in this position. you have got to take control and let him know what your feeling! who cares if it will hurt his feelings! its hurting your credit the longer you put up with this!!!!
posted by erykah (age 18) on 8/1/2008

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